Recommended Supplies for Vintage Sewing Machines

Helpful products to get your vintage sewing machines up and running, and some fun stuff too.

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I put together this list of sewing machine items that are most often asked for. If you're looking for something that is not on this list contact me.
Last updated July 6, 2020

Attachments/Presser Feet


Featherweight ORIGINAL Belts - these work better than reproduction belts. Just send Glen an email.
Singer Motor Belt #193077v - Fits 15-90, 66, 99, 185, 206, 306, 319, 327, 328, 329


Bobbin Cases

HA1 Bobbin Case  (Clone of class 15, JA models)

Bobbin Winder Tires

Necchi : 549, BF -Mira, BU, BU Mira, BU Nova & Supernova Standard size part #15287
Singer 12- 7/8” diameter outside by 1 3/8”.
White : 447, 477, 505, 527, 530, 578, 693FA, 785, 970  Standard size part #15287


Quick Guides - Various publications on popular sewing machine topics

Carry Cases

Featherweight replacement handle for carry case with d-rings - please note that there are to types of handles-some have pins and not d-rings.

Carry Cases-Restoration products

Piranha 206015 32 oz. Gel Spray Wallpaper and Paste Remover - excellent for removing the old paper covering from wooden carry cases.
Wood filler - for repairing vintage wooden carry cases

Cleaning products

Carnauba wax -  use this to create a beautiful shine on your vintage machines. Note: this works best when there's a clear coat on the machine. Do not use on decals.
Mother's (Automotive) Pre-Wax Cleaner - use this on your machines BEFORE waxing.
NEVR-DULL Magic Wadding Polish - excellent for cleaning the metal parts of your machine. DO NOT USE ON DECALS.
Singer Sewing Machine Oil - sometimes just a lightly oiled lint free rag is all you need to wipe down your machine.
Ultrasonic Cleaner, heated - excellent for cleaning the metal parts of your sewing machine, such as face plates, slide plates, etc. Make sure to get one that has an inner tray size of at least 6" to fit the face plates in. Note: not all ultrasonic cleaners are heated, but I prefer a heated model for help in removing the sticky grime on old sewing machine parts.



Insul Bright - Insulated lining, great for pot holders.

Gifts for Vintage Sewing Machine Lovers

Hand Crank

Hand crank for Singer

Industrial Parts

There are many types of industrial sewing machines. When searching for parts, know your model, the needle system it uses, and the part #'s to help you in finding the correct parts. These links should get you started. If you can't find what you need, contact me.
Industrial Servo Motor (quieter and with more speed control than clutch motors)

Light Bulbs

Singer 15 LED Bulb - Fits 15-88, 15-90, 15-91, 201
Singer 221 Featherweight LED Bulb - (black featherweight)



.9 amp Sewing Machine Motor - for Singer 15, 66, 99, 99K, and HA1 (JA clones)
 1 amp Sewing Machine Motor - for Singer 15, 66, 99, 99K, and HA1 (JA clones)


Class 15x1 Needle System - Most machines use this standard needle.
Class 20x1 Needle System - Domestic, New Home, National, and White Sewing Machines.
Class 24x1 Needles Singer 20 Sew handy/Toy Machines
Class 95 Needle System - Singer 95 Industrial Sewing Machine.
206x13 Needles - Singer 206, 306, 319 Sewing Machines.


Clover Wonder Clips - A better alternative to using pins

Popular Vintage Sewing Machines For Sale

Power Cords

Chicago Plugs- a special type of plug
Singer SINGLE Lead Power Cord- (part #197874-001) For: Singer 301, 319, 319W, 401, 401A, 403, 404, 500, 503, 15-30, 15-88, 15-90, 15-91, 15CL, 306K, 306W.
Singer DOUBLE Lead Power Cord- (part # 123) For: Singer 27, 66-6, 201, 201K, 206, 206K, 221 Featherweight, 222, 237, 239, 275K, 285K, 301, 301-A (only for the models which do not use a separate cord for the foot pedal), 306W, 309, 319, 320, 401, 404, 411, 431, 15-88, 15-90, 15-91 & 1200-1


3 Pin Terminal Block - For Singer models 15, 66, 99, 206, 221, 222, 301, 306, 319, 401, & 403 #192797  
18-2 SJOOW Black 300V Wire  - This wiring is used for Willcox and Gibbs Foot Controllers.
Black Spt 16/2 Wire - Excellent for rewiring motors and lights on vintage sewing machines.
Chicago Plugs- a special type of plug
Heat Shrink Electrical Wire Wrap Tubes- (be sure to get the correct size for your projects)

Rotary Parts

Rotary parts include makes such as Whites, Kenmore, Free and others.
Motor Pulley Tire, Kenmore #5767 - Fits 1/4" shaft, 7/8" outside diameter. For Kenmore Sewing Machine Models:
117.552, 117.591, 117.720, 117.831, 117.959, and White Rotary Sewing Machine Models: 77 Series.
Motor Pulley Tire, Kenmore #LN379A, #410 - Fits a  9/32" shaft, pulley is 1 1/8" diameter. For the following Sewing Machines: New Home, Free and some Kenmore's.
Motor Pulley Tire, Kenmore #417 - Fits a  9/32" shaft, pulley is 3/4" diameter. For the following Sewing Machines: New Home, Free and some Kenmore's.
Motor Pulley Tire, Kenmore #409 - Fits a 1/4" shaft, pulley is 3/4" diameter. For the following Sewing Machines: White 77 series, and Kenmore 117 series. New Home, Free and some Kenmore's.

Rust Removal

Kroil   -Excellent for loosening rusty screws.
Evaporust - Removes rust.
#0000 Fine Steel Wool - Use with Evaporust to help remove rust.

Shipping Sewing Machines

20" x 20" x 20" 275# Double Wall Corrugated Box - Preferred size for shipping sewing machines with the proper amount of packing material.

Singer 15-91 Parts

3 Pin Terminal Block - For Singer models 15, 66, 99, 206, 221, 222, 301, 306, 319, 401, & 403 #192797  
Singer 15-91 Bobbin Winder Tire #15297A - Also fits: 66, 99, 15-88, 15-90, 15-125, 128-3, 201,192, 223, 237 and more.
Singer 15 LED Bulb - Fits 15-88, 15-90, 15-91, 201
Singer 15-91 Rewire Kit -(also for 201-2)

Singer 221 Featherweight Parts

Spool Pins


If you are going to work on vintage sewing machines on a continual basis, you'll need tools. Here's what's in my tool box...
18-Volt Ni-Cad Cordless Combo Kit Cordless Drill/Driver and Impact Driver Kit - The impact driver is crucial for removing large bolts.
Bags - Available in 2x2", 2x3" & 3x4"- The sizes I use the most for storing sewing machine parts. I also use snack, sandwich, quart & gallon size bags for storing all my sewing machine parts.
Clip on Desk Light - Makes working on sewing machines easier.
Gear Puller - Needed for removing balance wheels from Whites' brand sewing machines. A 3" or 4" gear puller should work fine.
Hammer - Helpful when breaking the seal on a stuck screw.
Hex Key Set - Needed for removing set screws.
Punch Set- Some parts can only be removed with these.
Right Angle Screwdriver - Needed for removing most needle plates.
Scale - Necessity for shipping sewing machines.
Screwdriver Set  - Tip 1: Buy decent screwdrivers, you don't need the most expensive set, but don't buy the cheapest either or the tips will break off. Tip 2: Even if you buy a set that seems to have every size, you'll find you might need 2 types of the same size. Some tips are wider, which gives you more grip on a stubborn screw.  Also, buy a large strong flat head screwdriver too, trust, me, it will come in handy. You'll use both the 1/8" & 1/4" sizes a lot.
Tool Box- There are many options out there, but I use this type because I can better organize my tools.
Tool Kit - Some kits may include other items on this list.

Treadle Parts

Vintage Sewing Machine Accessories